Natural Beauty for All Seasons
250 Simple Recipes and Gift-Giving Ideas for Year-Round Beauty
Janice Cox
Henry Holt 1996

A wonderful gift!
In this delightful book, Janice Cox offers readers more than two hundred brand-new recipes for body, bath, and hair care, with an eye toward special beauty needs and ingredient availability in each of the four seasons.
In the cold winter months, for example our hair and skin can become dry and sensitive, and so more oil-enriched items, such as dairy products, figs, maple syrup, and olive and tea tree oils, are called for. In summer, more astringent, "cooling" treatments are needed, so the book offers recipes using cucumbers, kiwi, berries, chamomile flowers, and herbs as their base. Readers will learn how to make preparations like Cranberry Juice Astringent and English Mustard Bath for the fall and Rose Bouquet Bath and Parsley Skin Freshener for ht spring. None of the recipes calls for any more skill than being able to boil water, and an introductory section tells what equipment is necessary and where ingredients can be found easily. In addition, the book presents more than fifty sophisticated gift-giving ideas for holidays and other occasions throughout the year- from a College-Bound Basket to Candy Cane Bath Salts - and shares ideas on how to package your gifts creatively. If you love natural beauty treatments, but don't like inflated retail prices, you'll love making the recipes in Natural Beauty for All Seasons.

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Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
115 West 18th St.
New York, NY 10011



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